Saturday, September 17, 2011


OK, I have a mouse problem. I am now at the point where I have stopped them from getting in, but have to deal with those that are already here - and have multiplied.

I won't use poison.  Why?  Because
1) I do not want them to die in the walls where they are living - and stink!!!
2) I do not want them to eat it, die, and then have a predator like a hawk eat them and die.  When you poison a population, you also poison its predators, which is cement-headed, or bad business, if you like.
3) It's cruel.  Poor things.

The spring traps work OK, but slowly, and it seems that once I catch one mouse in one of those, the rest won't go near them.  They probably hear the mouse screaming and agony, or they see the horrific result.  I do have a cat and a dog who used to catch them, but who have lost interest.  I also tried mint oil, which I put on cotton and put in the walls.  It doesn't seem to have made a bit of difference.  I tried tabasco, too, which smelled up my house and also made no difference in the mouse population.


First of all, it helps that there is one place where they come out of hiding and are accessible to me: in the trash area under my kitchen sink.

We had pizza in a box, and after we had finished it, we wedged the box in next to the trash can, like so (see pic).  

*KEY: there was unfinished pizza in the box.

*RESULT: the mice gnawed their way into the box (see pic), and now I can CLEARLY HEAR them in the box, gnawing away at the pizza!

*KEY: the pizza box is, of course, largish and hollow, and therefore, sound resonates through it!

*KEY: the pizza pieces are too big for them to drag through the holes they gnawed.

*KEY: if they gnaw more than one hole, seal up the rest so they only have one escape route when you seize the box.  Or, just cut a hole for them in the box, so they can get right to work getting trapped.

I have now caught 6 mice in 2 days in the pizza box!  The mice wander around in the dark trash cabinet and go happily into the box to stuff their little cheeks.  I hear the feverish gnawing and just sneak up to the cabinet and open the doors.  Now the mouse is scared and hides silently in the box.  I use a rag to quickly cover the hole, life the box out, and go set it outside.  (Where they will not come back in, because I have already sealed the house.)  (There is good info online about how to do this.  For me, it was a matter of sealing the one place they could get inside the walls - not too difficult to find in a townhome.)

*NOTE: don't leave the box outside too long - you don't want a dog or the wind to come up and blow it away.  I lost my bait (the old, dried-up pizza slice) that way.  *HINT: I made more bait by melting cheese onto bread and it seems to be working just as well!

The weather is getting cooler and the mice I put outside are probably getting eaten by predators, but that's nature's way.  I still feel I'm giving them a decent end to their little mouse lives.

THOSE, my friends, ARE RESULTS!!!


  1. Thanks you! This blog rocks. Keep posting!